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For the purposes of the Commission, 'Arabic Logic' means logic done in any of the traditions that are influenced in some way by the work of, among others, Ibn al-Muqaffa', Al-Farabi, Avicenna or Averroes; this includes the logic taught today in madrasas, as well as the logic developed in the Lebanon by the early modern Christian philosophers. Most publications in these traditions have been in Arabic, but 'Arabic Logic' is taken to cover derivative work in Persian, Kurdish or other languages. Important contributions to Arabic Logic have been made by scholars who have no Arabic but use translations.

The main aim of the Commission is to provide a forum for the growing international community of researchers on Arabic Logic, at all levels and from all backgrounds. A membership list will be maintained and will be available to all members via the Commission website; new members can join via this website. The website will also contain information on conferences relevant to Arabic Logic, and on publications in the field. The Commission hopes to sponsor some meetings on aspects of Arabic Logic. Other activities may evolve.


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Author : Wilfrid Hodges
Last updated 15 February 2023