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Wilfrid Augustine Hodges
born 27 May 1941
M.A. D.Phil. FBA.
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Current appointments etc.

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Teaching and supervision


Courses taught include: Analysis and calculus; College algebra; Complexity and optimisation in operational research; Discrete techniques for computing; Differential equations; Ethics; Galois theory; Geometry; Graph theory and applications; Logic; Logic for mathematical writing; Module theory; Moral and political philosophy; Philosophy of religion.


Courses taught include: Sets, logic and categories; Prolog; Rings and modules; Universal algebra.


Number of Ph.D. theses completed under my supervision: 13, viz.

  1. 1972 A. J. Wilkie, Models of number theory.
  2. 1973 D. A. Bryars, On the syntactic characterisation of some model theoretic relations.
  3. 1973 S. C. Jackson, The model theory of abelian groups.
  4. 1975 M. Mortimer, Some topics in model theory.
  5. 1977 P. K. Rogers, The model theory of abelian and nilpotent groups.
  6. 1977 A. Pillay, The number of countable models of a first-order theory.
  7. 1980 E. Nemesszeghy, On the notion of negation in certain non-classical logics. (In Philosophy department)
  8. 1980 C. Kalfa, Decision problems concerning sets of equations.
  9. 1982 A. L. Pope, Some applications of set theory to algebra.
  10. 1983 S. R. Thomas, Classification theory of simple locally finite groups.
  11. 1985 I. M. Hodkinson, Building many uncountable rings by constructing many different Aronszajn trees.
  12. 1992 G. M. Weetman, Groups acting flag-transitively on simplicial complexes.
  13. 1995 J. Clark, Model-theoretic classification of topological structures.

M.Phil. theses completed under my supervision

  1. 1980 S. W. Salem, Sheaves in model theory.
  2. 1988 Pan Geng, Interpreting groups in linear orderings.

Teaching prize

In 1999 I was one of two recipients of the first Drapers' Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Queen Mary, University of London.

College and departmental committees and responsibilities


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Talks given at Universities of: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Hull, Kent, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London (including Computer Science LiveNet seminar), Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, St Andrews, Sheffield, Surrey, Sussex, Swansea, UMIST, Warwick, York, the Open University; Amsterdam; Barcelona; Calgary, Alberta; Delft University of Technology; Humboldt-University, Berlin; University of Bonn; University of California at Irvine; University of California at Los Angeles; University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Illinois at Chicago Circle; University of Freiburg; Hebrew University, Jerusalem; University of Heidelberg; University of Helsinki; Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut; International University, Moscow; University of Munich; University of New Mexico at Albuquerque; University of New Mexico at Las Cruces; New York, Logic and Metaphysics Workshop; Notre Dame University, Indiana; Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Siberia; Stanford University; Steklov Institute, St Petersburg; University of Ohio at Columbus; State University of Omsk, Siberia; University of Paris VI; University of Paris VII; University of Passau, Germany; Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran; Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv; University of Tuebingen; University of Tver', Russia; Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC, Canada.


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Examining, assessment and degree administration

Organising and committee work, mostly in the field of logic


Meeting organisation and Programme Committees


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